Fees 2018-2019

Registration fees for new students: $55 for one student, $90 for the family. Policy for siblings: 5% off per additional student—or instrument—(the first student is the one who has the longest lesson) 25% off for parents or grandparents.

A $399 deposit * per class and per student is due at registration.
Payment Options for the balance:

  1. Full payment for the school year is preferred and due before Sept. 1st
  2. A three installment payment is available as follows:Sept.1, Nov.15 and January 7. (1/3 of the deposit will be subtracted from each installment.)
  3. Monthly payments will be accepted from families with more than one student, as follows:  Double payment in September, single and equal payments from October to May due before the 10th of each month, no payment in June. (All Together 10 payments).
School Year 3 Payments Month
Group Classes**
(If taken without individual instruction)
$1,066 $375 n/a
Semi-Private Lessons
$1,511 $525 n/a
30 Minute: Individual Instruction $1,845 $643 $202
45 Minute: Individual Instruction $2,627 $920 $290
60 Minute: Individual Instruction $3,310 $1,152 $367

*The $399 deposit is non refundable. For the balance, refund will be granted in the case of prolonged and serious illness, minus a 4 lesson penalty.

**If taken in addition to individual instruction, group classes are complimentary except Chamber Music, Rock Star Ensemble and Rock and Jazz Ensemble. Classes with less then 5 participants will be discontinued.

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