All Events & Concerts 2019-2020

Date Event Time
Saturday Nov 16 Voice Students Concert at MSW 4:30pm
Saturday Dec 14 &
Sunday Dec 15
Holiday Concerts at MSW 1:00pm & 3pm
*January All Students Concerts at MSW TBD
Saturday Feb 1 The Osborn Nursing Home Concert 2:00pm
Saturday Feb 8 Audition for Songwriter & Piano Competition
Voice Concert at MSW
Adult Concert at MSW
*February Piano Technical Evaluation at MSW TBD
Saturday Mar 21 Winners Concerts for Piano Competition, Songwriter Competition & Chamber Music at NRPL 1:00pm
Saturday Mar 28 250th Beethoven’s Anniversary Concert at NRPL 4:00pm
Sunday, Mar 24 Faculty Recital at NRPL 1:00pm
Saturday April 4 Audition for Carnegie Hall Student Recital at MSW- Piano 3:00pm
Sunday April 5 Audition for Carnegie Hall Concert at MSW – All Instruments
Audition for Carnegie Hall at MSW – Piano
Saturday May 2 Carnegie Hall Recital Dress Rehearsal at MSW 3:00pm
Saturday May 9 Concert at Carnegie Hall Student Recital 12:30pm
Saturday June 13 Voice Students Concert at MSW 4:30pm
Saturday June 13 Adult Concert at MSW 7:00pm
*June All Students Concert at MSW TBD

*Schedule for these events will be posted in advance and subject to change

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